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Azalea 'Blue Monday'

Best blue-purple.
Description Price  
3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £10.50

Azalea 'Janet Rhea'

Large,double flowers, purple - red with white edge.
Description Price  
2-3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £9.50

Azalea 'Oregon'

Large purple with paler centres Foliage turns reddish in winter
Description Price  
2 Litres, 20 to 30cm, 8" to 12" £9.00

Azalea 'Purple Cushion'

Description Price  
7 Litres £21.00

Azalea 'Purple Triumph'

Japanese evergreen, dense shrub, Deep purple flowers Best in an open situation.
Description Price  
3 Litres £10.50

Azalea yedoense var. poukhanense Korean Azalea

Rose to pale lilac-purple, mildly fragrant. Hardy and nearly deciduous. Grows wild in Korea on rock slopes and in scrub on mountain sides. Widely used as a parent of Japanese azaleas, to "toughen them up" as it is so hardy.
Description Price  
4 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £13.00
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