Azalea 'Beethoven'

Vuyk,Evergreen azalea

  • Flowering Time : May
  • Height in 10 years : 1 metres 30 cms / 4 feet 3 inches


Evergreen, dense small leaf shrub; lax trusses of funnel shaped, fringe-petalled, magenta-pink flowers 5cm long each with a deeper mauve mark inside . Best in an open situation. Leaves turn reddish colour in autumn

Flower Months

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Azaleas will start flowering around this time, depending on the season, for a week or so


  • UK Zone : 4
  • RHS Zone : H (Fully Hardy)
  • EGF Zone : H2
  • US Zone : 7A
  • Min Temp : -18°C (0°F)

Hardy in all but the coldest parts of Pacific Northwest and UK, France and northern Italy, around Bergen (Norway) and mildest parts of NE USA such as Cape Cod and parts of Long Island.