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Rhododendron baileyi

Small, evergreen with small shiny dark green leaves in an upright and open habit. Shallow saucer-shaped flowers, reddish purple or deep purple, sometimes with darker spots.
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5 Litres, 45 to 60cm, 17½" to 24" £17.00

Rhododendron columbianum syn. Ledum columbianum Western Labrador Tea

Compact evergreen with small leaves and clusters of tiny white flowers. Spreads by underground rhizomes. Leaves make tea with medicinal properties but can be TOXIC.
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3 Litres £12.00

Rhododendron impeditum

Broadly funnel-shaped bluish mauve, purplish blue or pinkish purple Matt green leaves with brown scales below.
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2 Litres £9.50

Rhododendron lepidostylum

Compact dome shaped species. Silvery blue leaves, becoming blue green, Silvery hairs on the leaf margins.. Pale yellow flowers. Best in an open sunny site.
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2 Litres, 20 to 30cm, 8" to 12" £12.00

Rhododendron viridescens Rubroluteum Group

Late flowering cream with red/pink markings. Upright, compact shrub with small leaves which are glaucous when young.
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5 Litres, 45 to 60cm, 17½" to 24" £22.00
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