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Rhododendron 'Azur'

Evergreen shrub with trusses of lilac flowers mid-season, whitish-lilac inside with yellow/brownish markings
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5 Litres, 45 to 60cm, 17½" to 24" £25.00

Rhododendron 'Carita Inchmery'

Attractive bushy shrub. Biscuit yellow flowers, rich green leaves superb in a woodland shelter
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2-3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £17.00

Rhododendron 'Cunningham's White'

Forms a very dense shrub, olive green leaves. White flowers, with a yellow eye in upright trusses. Can survive cold exposed gardens,useful shelter plant or hedge. James Cunningham of Comely Bank 1830
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3 Litres, 10 to 20cm, 4" to 8" £11.00
2/3 Litres, 20 to 30cm, 8" to 12" £14.00
5 Litres, 30 to 45cm, 12" to 17½" £22.50

Rhododendron 'Horizon Monarch'

Red buds open to large pale yellow strong flowers. Exceptional hybrid with strong growing deep green foliage.
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7.5 Litres £24.00

Rhododendron 'Midsummer'

Tall upright habit. Very dark leaves. Mid pink flowers with a yellow eye .Very hardy, useful late flowering variety, especially good for cold gardens.
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2-3 Litres, 20 to 30cm, 8" to 12" £14.00

Rhododendron 'Monsieur Marcel Menard'

Compact upright plant with convex dark green leaves. Large dark purple flowers in upright trusses, with a golden flare in the throat. Stunning with creams and yellows.
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7.5 Litres £24.00
20 Litres £76.00

Rhododendron johnstoneanum

Spreading habit, bristly twigs, attractive reddish brown peeling bark. Dark green hairy leaves. Creamy yellow flowers. Needs shelter from cold winds.
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3 Litres £9.50
3 Litres, 20 to 30cm, 8" to 12" £14.00
7 Litres, 45 to 60cm, 17½" to 24" £22.50
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