the Meaning behind the name

Rhododendron (rhodon dendron = "rose tree")

Basically, the name consists of two Latin elements: the generic name and the species name.

Genus: This is the first name and is always capitalized.

Species name: This name is the second one and supplies information on the plant's typical characteristics, its country of origin and sometimes the name of the person who discovered it. Example: yakushimanum - originating from the island of Yaku Shima. The name of the plant is, therefore, Rhododendron yakushimanum.

Variety name: Very often, there is a third name, the name of the variety. This is the name of the cultivar and it is always placed in quotation marks. Example: Rhododendron yakushimanum "Teddy Bear" (yakushimanum x bureavii). Variety names are often quite imaginative.